What Do Parrots Eat ?

What do parrots eat ? This is the question that new parrot owners ask themselves. Giving your parrots the right kind of diet is important as it will determine their health, vibrancy and energy to respond to you. 

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What do parrots eat? Parrots food preference. 

The food that all parrots live on is the seed-nut-fruit-vegetable-grain diet. This depends also on whether they are in the wild or in captivity. You may think that seeds and nuts are an important part of your parrot’s diet, but in essence they do not meet the nutritional demands that produce a colourful, healthy, and vibrant parrot. A balanced diet for your parrot would include vegetables, seeds, nuts, fruit, grains and supplements.  

Just like humans, parrots too have individual preferences on the type of food they’ll eat. 

Preference by Location 

From Macaws to African Greys, parrots have their own unique taste and preference for food, depending on where their species thrive in the world. As parrots are found in the wilderness of Asia, Africa and South America, the food found in abundance in this region form their basic staple. However, the diet of a parrot in captivity may be completely different from parrots in the wild. 


By instinct, nuts seem to be the natural food that parrots consume, considering their sharp and strong beaks. Nuts and seeds are highly rich in protein, lecithin, fiber, and an abundance of trace minerals such as copper, zinc and potassium. Favorite nuts that parrots munch on include cashews, almonds, pecans, hazelnuts, walnuts, macadamia, pistachios, palm nuts, soy nuts, and peanuts. 

Nuts contain no cholesterol and as a plant product, they are naturally low in saturated fats. Peanuts should be given scarcely as they are fatty and lack essential nutrients. The good thing about nuts is that they are rich in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats which assist in the absorption of Vitamin A, D, E, and K. 

As an important part of your parrots wholesome diet, nuts should be given moderately and supplemented by other natural food.   

Grains and Seeds 

By nature, parrots love to peck and poke, and nuts provide the natural tendency for them to do that. It is a good treat to give them a bowl of raw, dried pumpkin seeds, cantaloupe, sunflower, squash, guava, sesame, guava, flax, huckleberry, and poppy seeds. Spray millet is a parrot’s favorite treat. They also enjoy a mixture of rice, hulled oats, corn cob and buckwheat. Seed varieties and grains can come pre-packaged product and ready to be fed at any time.   

Vegetables and Fruits  

Refrain from giving your parrots “seed only” diet and include a variety of fruits and vegetables as well, as parrots do in their natural habitat. What kind of fruits do parrots eat? They love apples, grapes, melons, bananas, pomegranates, pears, nectarines, blueberries, oranges, mangoes etc. For vegetables, they will readily indulge in sweet potatoes, carrots, corn, peppers, cucumbers, green beans and celery.

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